TradeMark Registration Service in PCMC | Pune, Maharashtra - India.

What we do !

The fundamental reason for having a trademark is to determine the origin or ownership of a product/article to which it is affixed. A trademark is also useful in preventing consumer confusion, and maximizing economic efficiency. Therefore successful companies not only invest in establishing trademarks but are also vigilant in protecting them.

Our experienced Intellectual Property Lawyers and Consultants help Clients Register, Enforce and License Trademarks in India.


  • Preparing, filing and prosecuting trademark applications in India.
  • Trademark searches and opinions.


Steps Involved In TM Registration In Pune

Following are the different steps involved in the process of Trademark registration in Pune.

  • It is advisable to conduct a trademark search for the relevant classes before filing the application to register a trademark in order to make sure that there is no identical or similar trademark already registered or for which an application for registration has been submitted. Filing of an application form for TradeMark Registration

  • For registration by a person claiming to be the proprietor of a trademark, in the office of the Trade mark Registry, within the territorial limits of the place of business in India.


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